As well as the bespoke service, we offer;

  • Re-trimming, if the hat lends itself to this,
  • Reshaping where possible,
  • Adding feathers and other trim,
  • Stretching a hat to make it more comfortable,
  • Make a hat smaller so it sits comfortably without pads or Velcro

If you have a favourite hat which could do with a bit of loving care, why not bring it to us to have a look at.

If you would like to wear a hat again but this time with a different outfit, it may be possible to re-work the trim by adding different colours to complement the new outfit. It is always worthwhile to make an appointment and come see our experts to discuss what can be done.

When you change your hairstyle, it may be necessary to either stretch or reduce the fit of your hat. Let us have a look at it. It is almost always possible to make the necessary adjustments to make your hat fit perfectly again.

Examples of our Hat Retrim pieces


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